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As I take some cameras apart I will keep a picture diary to share with others what is involved and a little basic how to.

Please start by reading AGFA


This is the first of the cameras that I show rebuilding and will be the most extensive. Other Models I will just show the differences.



In Yashica 124 I have taken the View Finder off and show the cleaning and the re-foaming of this camera.
The Zeiss 532/16 is a coupled range finder that after years becomes a little stiff. In the first part I show a little body work.

ZEISS 532/16

A Pentax that the shutter was sticking and the interior Foam (light seals) had turned to gooo. This was also the problem with the shutter not working all the time the mirror would stick and not return to the down position.


I had a nice camera but with a broken Film Pressure Plate. At first I thought it was a bad plate but further examination showed that one side of the spring was broken. No way to replace just the spring with out removing the rivets and the leather. (might be able to epoxy the spring to the back)

I had another camera with a bad shutter and the front was a little beat time for a swap.

Replacing a Back


 Top Plate, View Finder and Winder ReBuilding the Super Ikonta
Courtesy of Mike Kovacs

What I am presenting here is a lens and shutter overhaul on a Zeiss Ikon Ikonta 521/16 with an uncoated Opton Tessar lens and a non-synched Compur Rapid shutter. This camera had a jammed shutter and foggy optics. Many folders, their lenses and shutters are alike in many ways, so I hope the presentation will also be of use to people wishing to repair different cameras. This camera turned out to be more difficult than the average repair case but Iím going to go slow and show lots of pictures as encouragement to those that wish to begin in camera repair. Zeiss 521/16 Compur Rapid Shutter

Courtesy of Mike Kovacs

CLA the dial set Compur on my Voigtlander AVUS.

Dial Set Compur

How to make and use a  Sound Card Shutter Tester


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