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CLA the dial set Compur on my Voigtlander AVUS.

Here is how to open the shutter:

1. Unscrew the front element cell - by friction CCW

2. Unscrew the rear element cell - may need spanner wrench or homemade tool to engage slots CCW

3. Set dial to 1 second, unscrew #1, make a note of how all the pieces underneath go back together - should be the same as pictured if set to 1 second

4. Remove 3 screws on cocking lever #2 - leave middle screw alone

5. Remove screws 3,4,5 noting which goes where (4 is shorter than 5)

6. Lift off the nameplate


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Here is what you see when the nameplate is off. Reinstall the cocking lever with the three screws.

The large, circled area (lower left) is the slow speed gear train. CAREFULLY apply a few drops of lighter fluid to the gears and see if the gear train will release if gummed up. If it was running, but slow, it should gradually come back to life as you wind and fire it. When it dries, if its still slow, then add a few drops more and keep repeating.

You don't want to add too much lighter fluid or it will carry the crud onto the aperture or shutter blades. If this happens, or they are dirty to begin with, you can gently swipe the blades with a tissue wetted with lighter fluid. Keep repeating with clean tissues until its clean.

You should add a small amount of grease to the shutter release rack where it rubs against the case. Optionally, you can place two TINY drops of shutter oil (gun oil) to the pivots on the star gear and the pallet. I wouldn't oil if it was running OK.

There is more you can do but this should work 90% of the time. Good luck!

Remove the cocking lever when done, and reassemble in reverse.




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